The Last Place You Look

Received a "Recommended Review" from Kirkus Reviews:

"Refreshingly, it makes getting back into the dating world seem like an exhilarating opportunity rather than a scary obligation. A plainspoken, handy volume for anyone looking for love but daunted by dating." -- Kirkus Reviews

Complete Kirkus Review of The Last Place You Look


"Want love, but hate dating? Award-winning life coach Jim McCoy shows you how to find love through authentic connection, using real-life experiences from dozens of daters and non-daters. Easy to read and easy to relate to, The Last Place You Look is the first place to look to find the fulfilling relationship you’ve always wanted." -- book description on Ingram


"The real life anecdotes are GREAT! Very interesting to peek into other people's relationships...I wish I'd read this when I was single." -- children's book author Dian Curtis Regan


"This book should be required reading for all who are still searching for their life partner. I really appreciated the practical guidance and true life stories. There is hope!" -- Linda Hickok, Amazon reviewer


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