about Jim

Photo credit: Juli Greenwood Photography

I have a broad range of experience, starting with degrees in English and Computer Science from Colgate University and including various writing and computer programming jobs.  I've worked for start-ups and spent 13 years working for Microsoft.   But my favorite experiences have all involved helping people do it better: I've been at different times a teacher, a cross country and track coach, a tutor, and a people manager. 


I'm a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, and from that training I've cherry-picked some great methodologies to apply in my practice, complementing analytical skills and insights developed over decades of trying to help people be happier and get good at whatever it is they're doing.                


I live in Melrose, Massachusetts, and am married to best-selling Young Adult author and National Book Award finalist Nancy Werlin.

about the merlin

I'm a bird watcher, and I was drawn to the merlin--a small falcon--as a metaphor for both the coaching practice and for the approaches you'll be taking as a result of your coaching.  It has a reputation for being a very direct flyer, but it's also highly maneuverable when it needs to be.  It's sharp-eyed, fast, and fearless, and as you might imagine, the merlin is a very efficient hunter.